CEA University

It's part of your membership — supported by Zywave.

CEA University is a free, interactive training and information platform exclusively for CEA members. There are two virtual “campuses” at CEA University learn more about them below!

Compliance Campus supported by Zywave

  • 50 State employment law library to maintain compliance and avoid potential penalties 
  • Compliance Search engine available 24/7 to answer your HR questions
  • Tools that track incidents, store data, and generate OSHA-compliant reports

Learning Campus supported by Zywave

  • Professionally produced HR, benefits, safety, risk management and compliance training videos
  • Customize courses for your needs—admin users can assign specific courses to employees (download the course catalog)
  • Tracking and certificates available for all courses
  • Free harassment prevention courses for Employees and Supervisors, in English and Spanish, that meet all California training requirements.

Get instructions on navigating CEA University.

We hold orientations every second Tuesday of the month at 1:30 pm. Find one and register by visiting our Virtual Events page.

If you have any other questions about the Zywave LMS, please contact them at 866.499.9283, email them at [email protected], or use the chat feature from the bottom of the “Help and Training” page through the LMS.


Getting Started

You should have received an invitation to set up your administrator account in CEA University right after you joined. This tutorial will walk you through how to activate your account so you can get started. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact Melody at [email protected] or by calling (800) 399-5331.


Adding Employees & Groups to the LMS

There are two campuses at CEA University.  The first campus hosts our Learning Management System (LMS) with over 100 videos and trainings that you as the administrator can assign to your employees. This tutorial will show you how to enter your employees and create different employee groups so that you can prepare to assign trainings.

Assigning Trainings in the LMS

After adding employees and groups to the Learning Management System (LMS), learn how to assign trainings of your choice to your different employee groups with this tutorial.


Navigating the Client/Employer Portal

In addition to the Learning Management System (LMS) campus, CEA University also has a Compliance campus called the Client/Employer Portal. Your customized portal includes handy tools like HR and compliance apps, a robust content library and more. This tutorial provides instructions on how to utilize the tools in your portal.

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