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Labor Relations Services

Union and labor relations is what CEA was created for.  Our union and labor relations expertise and services can help your California business.

CEA was founded in 1940 specifically to support employers by providing union and labor relations expertise. While union activity in the United States has declined over the past few decades, in certain industries it is alive and well and appears to be on an upswing as many new industries are finding themselves a target for union organizing activity.

If your company already has a union-organized environment, you know how critical good labor relations are when interacting with the union and interpreting your collective bargaining agreement.

However, if your company doesn’t have a union, you might not think you have a need for labor relations services. Think again. It’s always wise to invest in labor relations consultation to provide your company with a comprehensive analysis and sound advice. We help ensure that your current policies, practices, and actions keep out unions. For more information on the changing landscape in Labor Relations, read our article here.

Labor Relations Services Include:

  1. Collective Bargaining Assistance: We can provide a labor contract spokesperson and/or negotiator for your company. We help you achieve the best labor agreement and manage that contract.
  2. Grievance and Dispute Resolution: We represent our members in grievance procedures, arbitration hearings and assist with contract language interpretation.
  3. Policy: We develop and implement of Labor policies and procedures for companies of all sizes, in all industries.
  4. Management Consultation: We provide training, education, and advice on industrial relations and benefits issues to management.

Union or not, make certain that you take full advantage of the Labor Relations services available to you through CEA! An ounce of prevention now can help your business avoid becoming a union organizing target in the future! Our team includes experts in the field and are ready to support your business.

Contact CEA at 800-399-5331 or [email protected] to have a Labor Relations professional provide you with an analysis and consultation for your company, now.

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