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你的隐私是我们最关心的问题之一. 加州雇主协会 (CEA) makes every effort to provide you with a safe and private environment. 本隐私政策告诉您我们收集哪些信息以及我们如何使用这些信息. 它适用于以下CEA网站:雇主.org and any other site on which this 隐私政策 is identified as the applicable 隐私政策 (collectively referred to as "CEA Sites"). 为本隐私政策之目的, “业务合作伙伴”指任何分包商, 供应商, or other entity with whom we have an ongoing business relationship to provide products, 服务, 或信息.



  • 使用CEA网站.
  • 请求服务、支持或信息.
  • 为产品或服务下订单.
  • 参与调查、抽奖或其他促销活动.
  • 通过社交媒体分享CEA内容.
  • 订阅时事通讯,下载白皮书或其他材料.
  • 云顶网上赌场.

我们可能要求的信息包括, 但不限于, 您的电子邮件地址, 名字, title, address, 电话号码, 社交媒体公众资料, 或者商业/公司信息. 如果您进行购买,我们可能会要求您提供信用卡号码和账单信息. Forms that you may fill in will indicate whether the information requested is required or optional.

我们还收集您访问CEA网站的信息, 包括您查看的页面, 你点击的链接和广告, 你输入的搜索词, 以及您与CEA网站和服务相关的其他行为. 除了, 我们从您访问CEA网站时使用的浏览器中收集某些信息, 例如您的互联网协议(IP)地址, 浏览器类型和语言, 访问时间, the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website that referred you to the CEA Site and to which website you browse.

In order to offer you a more consistent and personalized experience in your interactions with CEA Sites, information collected through one source may be combined with information obtained through other CEA resources. We may also supplement the information we collect with information obtained from other parties.

一些CEA产品可能是联合品牌,并与另一家公司联合提供. 如果您注册或使用此类产品, both CEA and the other company may receive information collected in conjunction with the co-branded 服务 and may use the information according to each company's privacy policy and other agreements with you.



  • 提供您所要求的服务和支持或执行您所要求的事务.
  • 向您发送通信, 例如您的事务状态(例如, 订单确认), 关于产品和服务的信息, 优惠, 和调查.
  • 定制, 分析, 改进我们的产品, 服务, 技术, 与您的沟通和关系.
  • Protect the security or integrity of CEA Sites, our business, or our products or 服务.
  • 否则,在收集时向您披露.


CEA shares your information with Business 合作伙伴 to carry out the transactions you request, 为您提供服务, 向您提供您可能认为有用的信息(例如, 合作伙伴折扣和宣传更新), 定制和改进我们的产品和服务, 这样你就可以通过社交媒体分享了, 和/或更新记录. 除了, we may disclose your information when legally required or to protect our rights.


CEA网站不针对儿童. 我们不会故意收集13岁以下儿童的信息. 如果你未满18岁, please do not submit any personal information through CEA Sites without the express consent and participation of a parent or guardian.


CEA Sites use "cookies" to enable you to sign in to our 服务 and to track your traffic patterns. cookie是放置在计算机硬盘上的文本文件. Cookies help us personalize and make improvements to CEA Sites so that you can have a pleasant and productive experience. You can set your browser to send a warning message before accepting cookies or to refuse cookies. 查看浏览器,了解如何处理cookie. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to use all of the features of CEA Sites.


CEA also works with third-party advertising and personalization partners that use cookies to help us display personalized content and appropriate advertising during your visits to CEA Sites and other websites. 这些cookie识别您查看的页面, 你点击的链接和广告, 你在这些网页上采取的其他行动, 在到达一个网页之前,你是从哪个网站来的. 这也有助于我们衡量广告活动的效果.

类似的, third parties use cookies to deliver advertising for companies other than CEA to you on the Internet, 无论你是在CEA网站还是其他网站, 基于您对CEA网站和其他网站的访问. 这些cookie可帮助第三方识别您浏览的网页, 你点击的链接和广告, 你在这些网页上采取的其他行动, 在到达一个网页之前,你是从哪个网站来的.


Please note that while you may have the ability to opt-out of targeted advertising through the http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices link and you may be able to control the use of cookies through your web browser as described in the "cookie和跟踪" section above, some web browsers may give you the ability to enable a "do not track" setting that sends a special signal to the websites you encounter while web browsing. This is different from disabling certain forms of tracking by declining cookies in your browser settings, as browsers with the "do not track" setting enabled still have the ability to accept cookies. CEA目前没有回应网页浏览器“不跟踪信号”. 如果我们将来这样做,我们将在本隐私政策中描述我们如何这样做.


你会收到一些营销信息, 包括邮件营销, 也可以根据您访问CEA网站的次数进行个性化设置. 除了, 当你点击一些邮件营销的链接, 我们的电子邮件服务提供商可能会在您的浏览器中放置一个cookie. This cookie would be linked to 您的电子邮件地址 and used to gather information about the products and 服务 you view on CEA Sites. Information gathered may be used to personalize and customize future email 市场营销 messages you receive. You may opt-out of receiving email 市场营销 by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided in the email message you receive from CEA.


CEA保留随时更改本隐私政策的权利. When changes are made, they will be posted to CEA Sites immediately with a revised 生效日期. 我们鼓励您定期查看本隐私政策.


Please be aware that other websites that may be accessed through CEA Sites may collect personal information about you. The information practices of those third-party web sites are not covered by this 隐私政策. Cea对实体的实践不承担任何责任, 网站和/或其他不属于加州雇主协会的网站.


CEA recognizes your concerns about web commerce and transactions using bank and credit card information. 因此, CEA is committed to keeping personal information secure during commerce transactions by using a secured SSL encryption with all direct transactions that involve using credit card or banking information.





关于CEA和雇主的编辑内容的目标.网站的宗旨是准确、公正、完整、有道德. 我们致力于编辑中立的政策. 虽然内容包含有关法律问题的信息, 内容不打算作为法律建议. 用户如对法律问题有具体疑问,应向法律顾问咨询.

CEA不是一家律师事务所,也不提供法律建议. 因此,与CEA的对话不是律师-客户特权. CEA通过表单提供的信息, 电话, written messages (such as email and letter) is informational and educational in nature, 而且不是专门为雇主量身定制的. CEA is not an insurer and is not responsible for any claims or actions arising out of an employer’s human resources matters. 雇主使用我们的信息,风险自负, 并与他们自己的法律和人力资源顾问合作.


Content from external sources will be labeled to indicate the source of the information when the information was not generated by the 网站's editorial staff. 网站上的内容可能包含非cea(雇主)的链接.org)内容. 这些链接不构成对链接内容和雇主的认可.Org不保证链接内容的准确性.


我们承诺迅速纠正任何事实错误或解释错误. Editorial staff members will address any errors brought to their attention and make an appropriate 修正 尽快. This includes misspellings as well as factual 或信息 errors identified in archival articles after they have been published. 目标是纠正所有的内容,使没有错误留在我们的永久档案. 我们还将提供 澄清 在以下情况下, 在我们看来, 一篇文章的措辞或标题可能会导致误解.


请同时阅读我们的商店政策: http://www.forwlib.com/pages/store-policy/